Below are the results, where known, of the men’s XV which was originally compiled by Geraint Ashton Jones. It was originally done as a project into the history of Navy Rugby but with the assistance of Dave Smith, from the RAFRU, further information has been added.  If you have any information to add please contact Alligin Photography.

UK Armed Forces Men’s XV Results

[Before 2015 played as Combined Services RFC]

Date Venue Opposition Result Team (See note above) Crowd
6 Nov 2019 Ashton Gate, Bristol Rugby 4 Heroes Barbarians W29-26 Team list: Smith, Brown, Dowding, Makepeace, Pascoe, Kotobalavu, Cross, Miller (C), Rees, Dixon, Chambers, Raumakita, Janes, O’Reilly, Lloydall  Reps: Williams, Harris, Manning, Heath, Stanley, Wheeldon, Waqanidrola, Richards 1000
23 Sep 2019 Narashino, Japan Republic of Fiji Military Force L17-31 Team list: Smith, Priddey, Manning, Parkins, Makepeace, Vakalutukali, Dawson, Miller (C), Rees, Dixon, O’Reilly, Raumakita, Fatiaki, Janes, Janes, Duncan Reps: Philpott, Harris, Dowding, Cross, Bell, Huntley, Chambers, Pascoe 300
19 Sep 2019 Kashiwa Noha, Japan France Armed Forces W39-12 Team list: Smith, Priddey, Dowding, Parkins, Makepeace, Vakalutukali, Dawson, Miller (C), Rees, Dixon, Chambers, Raumakita, Fatiaki, Janes, Duncan Reps: Philpott, Harris, Manning, Heath, Cross, Huntley, O’Reilly, Pascoe 150
11 Sep 2019 Narashino, Japan Georgia Defence Force W69-3 Team list: Smith, Philpott, Manning, Makepeace, Parkins, Cross, Bell, Miller (Capt), Rees, Dixon, Chambers, Tooth, Janes, O’Reilly, T Evans  Reps: Priddey, Dowding, Harris, Heath, Pascoe. M Evans, Fatiaki, Huntley 150
15 Nov 2018 Bristol Bristol United L22-30 Team list: Manning, Philpott, G Smith, K Smith, McNally, Hayler, R Bell (Capt),  Fairbrother,  Rees, Huntley, Mann, Riddell, Davetinavalu,  Owen,  Randle  Reps: Dwyer, Harris, Budgen, Brougham, Humphrey,  MacDougall 3000
8 Nov 2017 Bristol Bristol United W42-26 Team: Titchard-Jones, Dwyer, Budgen, Pascoe, Lewis, Matavesi, Bell(Capt), Fairbrother, Moore, Dixon, Mann, Fatiaki, Hiscock, Davetanivalu, Leathem,Reps: Philpott, Smith, Hamilton, Parkins, Dawson, Evans, Huntley, Davies 3000
10 May 2017 (21 Nov 16) Bath Bath United L76-0 Team: Cook, Priddey, Manning, Oliver, Pascoe, Lennox(Capt), Bell, Fairbrother, Rees, Davies, Edwards, Simpson, Myers,Bowden, Leathem Reps: Austin, Richard-Jones, Challenor, Fox, Tibbatts, Chennell, Owen, Quigley 4500
19 May 2016 HAC Saracens L52-10 Team: Reece, Dwyer, Budgen, Oliver, Pascoe, Lennox, Hayler, Tibbatts, Rees, Rock (C), Owen, Tichias, Buinimasi, Leathem, Dixon  Reps:  Philpott, Mason, Cook, Downsborough, Dawson, Fairbrother, Vunivesilevu, O’Reilly  1250
9 Nov 2015 Bath Bath United L7-35 Team: Manning, Dwyer, Budgen, Jones (C), McNally, Koroiyadi, Bell, Bates, Chennell, Davies, Owen, Tichias, Rock, Welling, Leatham  Reps Humphrey, Coglan, Oliver, Laqevero, Hayler, Austin, Dowding, Farrell – {Burton Watson(AR)} 4800
11 Nov 2014 Bath Barbarians L15-31 Terry, Cormack, Fairbrother, Stephen (Capt), Humphrey Reps: Evans, Beasley, Sibson, Raumakita – {Burton (AR)} 6327
12 Nov 2013 Brickfields Barbarians W34-28 Beasley, Cormack, Evans, Foster, Humphrey, Laird, Pascoe ©, Sleeman, Tichias – {Burton (AR)}
7 Nov 2012 Pontypridd Crawshay’s Welsh XV L29-31 Cormack, Pascoe, Sleeman, Huntley, Beasley, Welling – {Bailey (AR)}
8 Nov 2011 Gloucester Gloucester President’s XV L33-40 Drauniniu, Sleeman, Pascoe (C), Evans, Priddey, McLaren, Blackburn
17 Nov 2010 Gloucester Samoa L25-66 Marlin, Pascoe (C), Cormack, Barden, Priddey, Chambers, John,
9 Nov 2010 Aldershot Barbarians L21-46 Llewellyn, Pascoe (C), Evans, Cormack, Barden, Chambers, John, Marlin
11 Nov 2009 Aldershot Barbarians W22-19 Barden, Evans, Lloyd
 4 Nov 2008 Brickfields  Barbarians  L14-33  Drauniniu,Rhodes, Pascoe (C), Cormack, Vance
 14 Nov 2007 Brickfields Barbarians  W27-24  Drauniniu, Pascoe (C), Cormack, Parker, Rhodes, Lloyd – {Bailey (TJ)}
 17 Oct 2007 US Portsmouth British Fire Service  W73-3  Cormack, Dennis, Parker, Pascoe, Rhodes, Vance, Buinamasi, Barden, Lloyd, Priddey, O’Keefe – {Baileff(TJ)}
 14 Nov 2006 Newbury  Barbarians L25-33  Lloyd, Barden, Parkes, Pilkington, Pascoe – {Burton(TJ), Harland (Res Ref)}
 15 Nov 2005 Newbury  Barbarians  L6-45  Beeson, Dicks, Pascoe {Baileff (TJ)}
 9 Nov 2004 Aldershot  Barbarians  W38-36  Pascoe, Parker – {Ashton Jones (Ref)}
 11 Nov 2003 Aldershot  Barbarians  L8-26  Phillips, Pascoe, Parker, Bartlett – {Baileff(TJ)}
 12 Nov 2002 Devonport Services Barbarians  W27-26 Brown, Phillips, Crompton, Pascoe, Milkins, Cross, Parker, Bartlett – {Harland(TJ)}
13 Nov 2001  US Portsmouth Romania  L15-26  Bartlett, Wooltorton, Parkes, Armstrong, Perry, Sibson, Channing, Burns, Williams, Phillips
6 Nov 2001 US Portsmouth  Barbarians  L14-50  Parkes, Wooltorton, Bartlett, Cross, Armstrong, Phillips, Channing, Williams, Sibson {Ashton Jones(TJ) Harland(TJ)}
 21 Nov 2000  US Portsmouth  Argentina  L7-44  Wooltorton, Cross, Perry, Brown, Phillips, Parkes,
 7 Nov 2000  Barbarians  P-P
 9 Nov 1999  Gloucester  Barbarians  L26-45  Cross, Cormack, Laity, Bartlett,
 10 Nov 1998  US Portsmouth  Barbarians  L20-51  Sibson, Parkes, Bartlett, Cross, Armstrong – {Ashton Jones (TJ)}
 4 Nov 1998 Amsterdam  Netherlands  L30-23  Sibson, Bartlett, Cross, Armstrong
11 Nov 1997  US Portsmouth  Barbarians L33-40
4 Dec 1996  Devonport Services  Argentina  L6-52  Sibson, Brown, Bartlett, Armstrong Reps: Livingstone, Wooltorton
 3 Dec 1994  Devonport Services  Canada  W15-12  Sibson, Harrison, Dixon, Armstrong Reps: Livingstone
 30 Nov 1993  Devonport Services New Zealand  L3-13  Sibson, Armstrong  5700
 15 Mar 1991  RAF Halton French Armed Forces  Cowans, Tanner, Dixon, Shortt (replacement) all RN, Moore, Hull, Worrall (replacement) (RAF)
 22 Nov 1988  Aldershot  Australia  L7-48  Alcock, Penfold, Reece Reps: Melbourne, Sheldon, Hewitt
 9 Nov 1988  Aldershot  Public School Wanderers Alcock, Penfold, Reece, Sheldon Reps: Melbourne, Hewitt
 2 Nov 1988  Bath  Bath  Penfold, Reece, Hewitt Reps [Melbourne]
 13 Apr 1988  Imber Court  British Police
 6 Apr 1988  Public School Wanderers
 15 Jan 1988  Paris  French Armed Forces
 9 Dec 1987  Aldershot  South Korea  Alcock, Martin, Reece, Hewitt, Hughes Reps: Penfold, Chislett, Woodcock
 28 Oct 1987  Penzance  Cornwall  L4-14
 22 Apr 1987  Aldershot  French Armed Forces  Penfold, Martin, Howarth, Woodcock, Hewitt, Reece Reps: Livingstone, Chislett
 15 Apr 1987  Aldershot  British Police Penfold, Martin, Howarth, Woodcock, Hewitt, Reece Reps: Livingstone
 27 Oct 1984  Australia L9-44
 8 Apr 1984  Saracens  Public School Wanderers  Penfold, Martin, Howarth, Woodcock, Hewitt, Reece Reps: [Livingstone, Elliott
 1 Oct 1983 US Portsmouth  Canada  L14-17  Henderson, Oakley, Hirst, Joy, Wood, Sheldon [1xT] Reps: Price, Penfold, Nash
28 Sep 1983  Aldershot  Public School Wanderers  L9-21  Henderson, Oakley, Hirst, Wood, Sheldon Reps: Price, Penfold, Nash
 25 Sep 1983  Bath  British Police  Oakley, Penfold, Hirst, Joy, Wood
25 Nov 1982  US Portsmouth  French Armed Forces
29 Dec 1981  Aldershot  Australia  L9-33  Price [3xP], Fabian, Alcock, Penfold, Joy, Ackerman Reps used: Watson, Burden
  Dec 1981  Imber Court  British Police  W12-9  Alcock [1xT], Price [2xP, 1xC], Burden, Joy, Woods, Ackerman Reps Used: Fabian, Watson
 May 1980  Washington  Potomac
 May 1980  Boston  New England
 May 1980  Boston  Texas
 May 1980  Boston  California
 May 1980  New York  Eatern Eagles
 30 Apr 1980  British Police
 29 Apr 1980  Public School Wanderers
 21 Nov 1978  Aldershot  New Zealand  L6-34  Lea, English, Fabian [1xP], Ackerman, Hughes Reps not used: Leigh, Connolly {TJ R M Parker}
 9 Nov 1978  Aldershot  French Armed Forces  L9-4  Lea, English, Fabian [1xP, 1xC], Ackerman, Connolly, Hughes
 7 Nov 1978  Aldershot  Public School Wanderers
 23 Oct 1978  Aldershot  United Hospitals  L18-27  Lea, Fabian, Leigh, Richards, Hughes Reps not used: Connolly
27 Sep 1978  Devonport Services  Devon  L13-18  Lea [1xP], English [2xT], Leigh [1xC], Ackerman, Clark, Dunn (Capt) {TJ T Day}
 24 Apr 1977  Troyes, Paris  French Armed Forces  Fabian, AG Jones, {Dunn (Capt) – selected but forced out through injury}
 6 Apr 1977  Crickhowell  Crawshay’s Welsh XV  Fabian, AG Jones, Dunn (Capt)
 2 Oct 1976  Devonport Services  Japan  W23-21  Pulford, Ackerman, Lane
 24 Sep 1976  OURFC  British Police
22 Sep 1976  Brize Norton  Oxfordshire
 30 Dec 1975  Aldershot  Australia  (squad from selection signal) Piercey, AG Jones, Ackrman, Dunn, Davies, Pulford, Clark R, Higginson, Kelly,
 27 Dec 1975  Aldershot  Public School Wanderers
 22 Nov 1975  Cardiff Arms Park  French Armed Forces (from selection signal) Piercy, AG Jones, JC Davies, Ackerman, Hatman, Dunn, Lane, C Davies, Pulford, Clark, Higginson, Connolly, Kelly, Archer, Rooke
 13 Nov 1975  Brize Norton  British Police (from selection signal) Piercy, AG Jones, JC Davies, Ackerman, Hatman, Dunn, Lane, C Davies, Pulford, Clark, Higginson, Connolly, Kelly, Archer, Rooke
 5 Apr 1975  Nice  French Armed Forces  (from selection signal) Piercy, AG Jones, JC Davies, Ackerman, J Davis, Loveday
 2 Apr 1975  Roehampton  Public School Wanderers  (from selection signal) Piercy, AG Jones, JC Davies, Ackerman, J Davis, Loveday
30 Mar 1974  Twickenham  French Armed Forces  W?-?  Archer, Gatehouse (Capt), Ackerman, Miller, Connolly, Dunn. Rep not used: Davies
 29 Apr 1973  Pau  French Armed Forces  Gatehouse (Capt), Fabian, G Jones, J Davies, Ackerman, Pulford, Langton, Miller
 26 Dec 1972  Twickenham  New Zealand  L10-31  Ackerman, Clarke, Fabian  15000
 17 Apr 1971  Bourges  French Armed Forces  L6-12 Hambrook, GL Jones, Easson, Gatehouse, Webb
 18 Nov 1970  Fiji  L6-11  Toms, Gatehouse, Merrick Reps not used: Hambrook, Finan, Higginson,Ryan
 9 Nov 1970  Bristol  Bristol  L14-15  GL Jones, Gatehouse, Merrick Reps not used: Finan, Higginson, Ryan
 30 May 1970  Boston  Beacon Hill Club  W31-0 Lavelle [1xT, 1 xP], Davies [2xT], Merrick [1xT], Scott
 28 May 1970  West Point  West Point  W14-3  Phillips [1xT] GL Jones, Langton, Merrick
 25 May 1970  Boston  Racing Club de France  W12-3  CS win Boston tournament. GL Jones, Davies, Scott, Merrick, Lavelle
19 May 1962 Police Ground, Salisbury Rhodesia L16-28 Gibson, Sinclair, Goodwin, Stafford
16 May 1962 Gwelo Southern Rhodesia W22-14 Sinclair [1 x T], Gibson, Cormack, Stafford
12 May 1962 Bulawayo Federal Combined Services W17-10 Sinclair, Hamilton
9 May 1962 Kitwe Northern Rhodesia W19-15 Cormack, Gibson, Sinclair, Goodwin
5 May 1962 Nairobi East African W36-17 Cormack [2 x C], Goodwin [1 x T], Gibson, Hamilton
May 1962 Twickenham French Armed Forces L3-11
16 April 1961 Paris French Armed Forces L3-17 Pearey, Highton, Godfrey
26 Dec 1960 Twickenham South Africa L5-14 Pearey, Rodd, Highton, Palmer
14 Dec 1960 Murrayfield Scotland L3-11 Pearey, Rodd, Highton, Palmer
7 Dec 1960 Newport Newport W6-3 Tyrell, Rodd
26 Nov 1960 Belfast Irish XV L5-11 Tyrell, Highton, Palmer
1960 Twickenham French Armed Forces L8-16 Pearey, Rodd, Highton, Palmer
26 Dec 1957 Twickenham Australia L11-16
26 Dec 1953 Twickenham New Zealand L8-40 [18,000]
26 Dec 1951 Twickenham South Africa L8-24
1 Jan 1950 Lourdes French Regional XV
29 Dec 1949 Dax French Regional XV
13 Apr 1949 Blundellsands Lancashire
2 Jan 1949 Lyons French Regional XV
30 Dec 1948 Grenoble French Regional XV
31 Dec 1947 Perpignan French Regional XV
28 Dec 1947 Marseilles French Regional XV
30 Sep 1947 Australia L8-19
1 Jan 1947 Bordeaux French Services XV
12 Jan 1946 Gloucester New Zealand Army L0-31
1 Jan 1946 Paris French Services XV
21 Oct 1945 Bordeaux French Services XV
20 Oct 1945 Toulouse French Services XV
19 Oct 1935 Aldershot New Zealand L5-6 12000
 7 Nov 1931  Twickenham  South Africa  L0-23  EWF De V Hunt* Army, HJF Lane RN, JC Boston RN, FS Hodder RAF, AL Novis Army, DRS Bader RAF, GJ Dean * Army, CM Morrell RN, GR BEamish * (Capt) RAF, A Vaughan Jones * Army, NL Evans * RN, CSH Webb RM, H Rew * Army, DA Kendrew * Army, GCM Falla RN
 The team was taken from programme notes that appeared in the 1951 CS v South Africa match programme.
15 Nov 1927 Twickenham New South Wales L11-13 KT Faithfull Army, HC Browne RN, DP Trentham RN, WF Browne Army, JW Linton RN, RC Harry RN, GR Beamish RAF, H McVikcer Army, RV Odbert RAF, AT Young Army, TG Devitt Bart Army, GV Palmer Army, AR Aslett (Capt) Army) WV Stephenson RN, KA Sellar RN. Reps: Jones for HC Browne
 13 Dec 1924  Twickenham  New Zealand  L3-25  TG Rennie Army, WF Browne Army, JS Chick RAF, JW Forrest RN, GN Lorriston Clarke Army, JA Ross Army, ER Gardiner RM, WGE Luddington RN, JC Russell )Capt) RAF. JRB Worton Army, RK Millar Army, JAS Coutts Army, AR Aslett Army, WV Stephenson RN, AE Thompson RN
 The team was taken from programme notes that appeared in the 1953 CS v New Zealand match programme. Nine of the players were internationals.
1912 USSG Portsmouth South Africa L18-16
 This was a combined Royal Navy and Army side. The team was taken from programme notes that appeared in the 1951 CS v South Africa match programme.
 25 Nov 1908  Blackheath  Oxford & Cambridge (Past & Present)  D11-11  G H D’O Lyon RN, W C Wilson (Army) G L D Gibbs RN C H Greenfell RN H Blagrove RN E C Ede RN F S Carlisle RN Patridge (Army) E J B Tagg RN N A Wodehouse RN C B Charig RN W E Mann Army C A Bolton Army F O’B Wilson RN A D Warrington-MOrrise RN RFU Trial Match
 28 Oct 1908  USSG Portsmouth  Australia  L6-8  G H D’O Lyon * RN, F C Peet RN, H Gardner Army, ALP Griffith Army, DJR Simpson RN, JL Boyd * RN, FE Oakeley * RN, CM Usher * Army, W Owen Army, L Robertson * Army, AH Macilwaine * Army, WB Haynes * RN, NA Wodehouse * (Capt) RN, GS Brown RN, HC Harrison * RM Artillery