Volunteer Vacancies – Sponsor Representative

Applications close 20 Sep 2019

1. The position of UK Armed Forces Rugby Football Club (UKAF RFC) Sponsorship Representative has recently been going through a review and therefore, despite the role having been advertised earlier in the year, the revised role is available now. The role is unpaid and voluntary with the preferred specifics for applicants is a OF3 to OF5 and a MOD employee. The closing date for applications is the 20th Sep 19.

2. The successful applicant will work directly for the Chairman of UKAF RFC & Team Ethos, our partners in developing UKAF RFC, with duties including the following:

a. Work with Team Ethos to deconflict approaches to sponsors, manage sponsor relations and maximise UKAF RFC income.

b. Manage Team Ethos’ contract and the professionalisation of UKAF RFC functions as appropriate.

c. Identify and engage with potential sponsors - those local to the match & national/international businesses - in writing, and in person.

d. Maintain year-round relations with key personnel within sponsors and potential sponsors. Must include in-person meets as well as email and telephone communications.

e. Develop annual sponsorship targets and the sponsorship offer in collaboration with the UKAF RFC Committee.
f. Ensure all commitments to sponsors are met through liaison with other UKAF RFC staff and all products incorporate the correct logos and branding of our sponsors.

g. Ensure all sponsorship is compliant with regulations.

h. Continuously improve the UKAF RFC sponsorship offer and manage media exposure and the brand in liaison with the UKAF RFC Committee.

3. This is an excellent opportunity for an enthusiastic individual, working within the UKAF RFC.

4. Please show your interest in this job by contacting the undersigned with any previous experience you may have and/or your reasons for applying or for further information.


Katie Sharman| Sqn Ldr | UK Armed Forces Rugby Football Club Secretary | : secretary@ukafru.com |  Mil: 95221 6632 | Civ: (+44) 01494 496632 | Personal: 07859 074225

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