Relaxed Start to Final Training Before Japan Departure

UKAF Director of rugby - Doc Cox
Unusually for Ben Priddy (a PTI now) he spots the camera!

There was a relaxed start to the final training session of the UKAF Rugby team before they departed on Friday 6 Sep for IDRC2019.  Director of Rugby, Doc Cox, recently returned from deployed operation oversaw the session led by Head Coach Lee Soper.  Good weather helped the day which allowed for a lot of final preparations to be achieved before the intensity is ramped up when the team reach Japan.

All images Alligin Photography / © Lee Crabb for UKAF rugby

We'll get there in our own time - Ratu, Seta and Ravi at a leisurely pace make their way to join the rest of the squad.
Ben Chambers was already raring to go and loosening up with some kicking practice.
UKAF Team Manager - Mike Thomas and Ravi Fatiaki
Final preparations before training starts.

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